Installing the roll in the Brother QL1100 printer for SendPro Online

Learn how to install the roll in the Brother QL1100 printer for SendPro Online.
Products affected: SendPro® Online

The only roll that can be used with the Brother QL-1100 printer is item number SL-DK-1247 in the Pitney Bowes Online Shop.

  1. Pull the release levers on both sides of the printer to unlock the cover, and lift the cover to open it.
    QL-1100 printer open cover
  2. Remove the protective sheet from the output slot.
    QL-1100 printer remove protective sheet
  3. Place the DK roll into the guide. Make sure the roll is inserted firmly in the guide and the stabilizer slides into the notch in the printer.
    QL-1100 printer insert roll
  4. Thread the DK roll through the printer. Align the edge of the DK roll with the upright edge of the output slot. Check that the DK roll is threaded straight. Push the first label through the output slot unit the end comes out of the slot.
    QL-1100 printer thread roll
    If experiencing trouble loading the label roll, try inserting from the side making sure the label is under the sensor.
    QL-1100 printer insert from side
  5. Close the cover.
    QL-1100 printer close cover
  6. Press the power button to turn the printer on.
    QL1100 printer power button
  7. Press the feed button. The roll will be drawn back into the printer to align the end of the roll for the next print.
    QL1100 printer feed button

UPDATED: March 11, 2022