PBIL version 5.3.2 Release Notes (April 4, 2022)

PBIL Release Notes for version 5.3.2 (April 4, 2022)
Products affected: PBIL, Intelligent Lockers

New Features

  • 3137: ParcelPoint: allow a reservation for a locker when packages are already deposited
  • 3644: Added British English language translations. PBIL-8



  • 2636: Add additional audit log entries for tracking change to settings
  • 2809: Do not allow disabling a user with undelivered packages
  • 2857: User import now records the person or system that executed the import PBIL-37
  • 2988: API: add endpoint for decoding tracking numbers (v2 api only)
  • 2989: Improved package status filter in the Packages screen
  • 3308: Messages for integration are now deleted after 30 days
  • 3386: Restrict print stale packages button to Apex locker banks only PBIL-53
  • 3397: API: return JSON for all responses where a body is included
  • 3400: Added wait animation and improved loading time for the tenant list
  • 3488: API: add RearLoading property to /api/tp/lockers and /v2/api/tp/lockers
  • 3490: Changed some hard coded strings visible in the UI to use translations
  • 3671: Increased the cancel reservation hours to a max of 168 hours (7 days)

Bug Fixes

  • 3305: Fixed the Audit Log search to require the enter button
  • 3366: Handle invalid email addresses when testing notifications
  • 3367: Kiosk report not always displaying the correct information in the donut
  • 3369: Kiosk report fonts are too large in some views
  • 3373: Package history row height changes when images are included
  • 3378: Some pages auto-refresh after loading
  • 3382: Package detail image buttons are not always linked to latest transaction
  • 3383: Stale package filter is lost when using the paging control PBIL-55
  • 3384: Package history sometimes does not load and breaks the page PBIL-56
  • 3385: Limit the width of the tracking number column in the packages screen
  • 3387: Some fields in the edit locker bank screen do not indicate they are required
  • 3399: Sometimes locker bank disabled emails are sent in duplicate within a few minutes
  • 3424: All volume reports can show data overlapping in the columns PBIL-64
  • 3425: API: return correct error response when adding or updating a department for 360
  • 3457: Rare issue when a package tracking number matches a system id of another package
  • 3493: API: handle invalid Authorization header in requests
  • 3498: User with only Reports permission cannot view Reports
  • 3502: The Pickup Report can get stuck on the wait animation after a refresh
  • 3554: Missing translation on the add recipient modal in the rear delivery screen
  • 3667: API: ParcelPoint reservations fail when a system id is not specified
  • 3668: Pickup Report is missing data when viewing details PBIL-61
  • 3716: API: ParcelPoint reservation is returning a 500 when the recipient is not in the address book
  • 3795: User cannot edit Apex locker bank details
  • 3912: Test notifications fail when the template includes a bad variable
  • 3996: API: locker bank list fails when the SiteID is null
  • 4239: When editing an AM Series locker, the Save button does not activate

UPDATED: April 21, 2022