Refill Postage from Your Account Portal

Lean how to add postage to a meter from the Pitney Bowes Your Account online portal.
  1. Ensure the meter is connected to the internet and is on the home screen (not actively performing any task).
  2. Sign In to the Pitney Bowes Your Account online portal.
  3. Expand the Your Products menu from the top navigation bar and select Postage Meters.
  4. Locate the meter that needs to be refilled and select the Refill Postage button.
  5. Review the amount available for refill.
  6. Enter the amount you wish to add then select Add to Meter.
  7. Review the amount, then start the meter refill by selecting Confirm Refill. This may take a few minutes; a confirmation will display once the postage has been successfully added.
This text is tagged as important IMPORTANT: Closing the window does not stop the transaction, please wait for the confirmation message before closing.
Access instructions to add postage to SendPro® Online | PitneyShip

UPDATED: August 17, 2022