Return Cancelled Equipment

Information on how to request to cancel a contract and how to return a machine. Also, learn how to apply for a refund of unused postage once a contract has been cancelled.
For steps to return a replacement meter due to faulty or upgraded equipment: See Return a Replacement Meter.

To comply with USPS® regulations and maintain your security, you must follow specific steps to correctly return your meter to Pitney Bowes.
1 Initiate Cancellation Request  
2 Prep the meter for Return  
3 Return the Equipment

Initiate Cancellation Request 

Before submitting a cancellation request why not review our Lease Offers Portal? With just one click you may find a new contract offer better suited to your business needs.
  1.  Sign in to the Pitney Bowes Your Account online portal. 
  2. Select Account Support>Request Termination of Contract and then your contract type. 
  3. Complete the form and select Submit. 
  4. Once the request to cancel the contract has been submitted, a representative will be assigned to your case and will assist with completing your request. Instructions will be provided on how to decommission your meter and return it to Pitney Bowes.
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Withdraw Unused Postage Funds

Important: Funds withdrawn from a meter are returned to the original funding source. If the original funding source was a USPS prepaid account, review USPS prepaid withdrawals before continuing.

Instructions for withdrawing unused postage
Select your model from the meter list below for instructions on how to withdraw unused postage.  

Note: You can pack and ship non-functioning equipment back to Pitney Bowes as-is using your return kit. Funds from the inoperable meter will be withdrawn at our facility and credited to the account.

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Return a Meter 

Following a successful cancellation request, a return kit will be provided with a shipping label and instructions to return a meter to Pitney Bowes. 
Note: If a Pitney Bowes technician is required to return a machine, this will be advised by the Pitney Bowes representative upon the successful completion of a cancellation request.

If you need further assistance, please chat with us. 

See: Unused Postage Refunds for information on retrieving unused postage once a meter is returned. 

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UPDATED: February 16, 2024