PBIL version 5.3.3 Release Notes (April 20, 2022)

PBIL Release Notes for version 5.3.3 (April 20, 2022)
Products affected: PBIL, Intelligent Lockers, ParcelPoint™ Smart Lockers

Breaking Changes

  • None

What's new

  • None


What's changed

  • 4312: ParcelPoint™: add auto system id to reservations created in 360 or at the locker kiosk. This is required for SST integration.


What's been fixed

  • 4235: Daily Pickup Report heat map does not display properly on some screen sizes
  • 4319: Transaction Report filters do not function PBIL-69
  • 4380: Rear loading reservation page does not decode the barcode PBIL-70

UPDATED: August 08, 2022