Deposit Account (Reserve Account) statement explained

Pitney Bowes Deposit Account (Reserve Account) statement, payment terms and fee structure explained.

The Deposit Account (Reserve Account) is a prepaid deposit account used to pay for postage and shipping funds. Funds are held in an FDIC-insured account at The Pitney Bowes Bank Inc. Postage can then be downloaded from this balance.

Statement terms

  • A monthly statement will be issued detailing all payments and transactions in the previous period.
  • There is no minimum balance required on the account, however available funds are needed to download postage.
  • Deposits can be made into the account at any period. See Deposit Account (Reserve Account) Payment Options.

Activity summary explained

View the below image for more information on any of the sections within the Activity Summary.


Purchase summary explained

Transactions are grouped by type and summarized in the Purchases field. Individual transactions are itemized on the additional pages of the invoice.

  • Postage: Postage funds added to a meter from the Deposit Account (Reserve Account) balance.
    • The reference field will show the meter number of each individual meter that has made a postage download.
  • Deposits, Credits, and Other Activities: All payments and credits posted to a Deposit Account (Reserve Account).
    • Credits for unused postage will show here.
    • If a fee is charged for a returned payment, this will show as a transaction fee.
  • Shipping Activity: Shipping charges for packages and parcels related to Sendpro Online | Pitney Ship.
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UPDATED: July 18, 2024