Confirming where a payment was applied

Learn how to confirm if an ACH, wire, credit card or check payment was applied and how to proceed if a correction is needed.
Sign in to Your Account to confirm if your ACH or check payment was applied to your account and learn how to open a case if a payment does not appear online. 

Please confirm the following 2 items, before investigating where a payment was applied.  If these 2 items cannot be confirmed then Pitney Bowes has not yet received the payment:
  • Item 1: Confirm the funds have been debited from your bank account or credit card.
  • Item 2: Confirm enough time has passed to allow for the payment to post.
    • Standard mail check:  10 Business Days for processing
    • Express mail check: 3 Business Days for processing
    • ACH / Wire: 3 Business Days for processing

Confirming Where a Payment Was Applied

  1. Go to your payment history.
  2. If prompted, select a portal, otherwise, you will be directed to your Your Account dashboard.
    •  For Prepaid accounts select Account Activity from the left navigation bar.
prepaid account activity 
If you are unable to verify whether a payment has been applied or if it was posted to the wrong account or invoice Create a Case. Please include the following details in your case. 
  • Payment method
  • Payment amount
  • Date the payment was made 
  • Date the payment was debited
  • Address or bank details where the payment was sent 
  • Check number (if applicable)
  • Trace number (if applicable)

UPDATED: April 16, 2024