Changing the label roll on the PitneyShip Cube

Learn how to change the label roll on the PitneyShip Cube.
Products Affected: PitneyShip™ Cube

You can use generic label rolls to print shipping labels on the PitneyShip Cube, however, to print stamps, you will need to use the Pitney Bowes specific label roll as it contains the fluorescent strip required by the USPS. You can order label rolls here.

  1. Open the label roll cover.
    Opening label roll cover
  2. Remove the empty label roll.
  3. Remove the protective tape from the new label roll.
  4. Insert the new label roll into the printer.
  5. Feed the label roll through the slot, and close the cover.
    Feed label through slot

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UPDATED: October 31, 2022