Repair or Replace Damaged, Lost or Stolen Equipment

Learn how to submit a request to start the repair/replacement process if equipment has been damaged, lost or stolen.
  1. Sign in to the Pitney Bowes Your Account online portal. 
  2. Expand the Support & Cases dropdown from the navigation bar and select Create a New Case
  3. Select Account Support>>ValueMAX>>Lease
  4. Choose How do I File a ValueMAX Claim.
  5. Include the following in the case:
    • Direct Phone Number
    • Contract Number
    • Meter Serial Number
    • Address where equipment is located (Note: If you have temporarily relocated, include this address as well)
  6. Select Submit
Once successfully submitted a case number will be displayed. A confirmation email will also be sent with this information.  A representative will be assigned to your case and will provide replacement cost for equipment.

UPDATED: October 11, 2022