Too much white space or image too small on roll stamp label in SendPro Enterprise

There may be too much white space on a roll stamp label because the label stock specifications have been changed.
Products affected: SendPro® Enterprise


There is too much white space on a roll stamp label after installing new stock in QL800 roll printer or the image is too small.


IMI-MIN stock (Supply Item SL-SPM02) has been deprecated and replaced with IMI-STD (Supply Item SL-SPM12). The IMI-MIN stamp image is smaller than the IMI-STD image and fits on the new IMI-STD roll stamp stock, but with more white space than the IMI-MIN image. While the IMI-MIN image fits on IMI-STD stock, the IMI-MIN specification will eventually be deprecated (date TBD), leaving IMI-STD as the only approved specification. Ensuring long-term compliance with USPS regulations requires configuration changes to your SendPro Enterprise instance by a qualified support agent.


This issue must be resolved by a Pitney Bowes representative. Please chat with us for assistance.

UPDATED: June 13, 2024