Reserving a locker for storage in ParcelPoint Smart Lockers for Workplace Day Use using the Locker Management Module

As mailroom administrator or locker operator, you can reserve a locker ahead of time using so that an assigned locker is available for ParcelPoint Smart Lockers for Workplace Day Use as soon as you or a designated client sign in at the kiosk.
Products affected: ParcelPoint™ Smart Lockers for Workplace Day Use, Locker Management Module

You can reserve a locker ahead of time using Locker Management Module so that an assigned locker is available for you to store your belongings at the kiosk.

The features and options you see may vary depending upon your role and subscription. If you have any questions regarding your permissions, please contact your administrator.

  1. Select Lockers > Reserve Locker.
    Locker Management Module Reserve Locker menu option
  2. Select Storage.
  3. Enter the Package Details.
    reserve locker for return or exchange package details
  4. Enter the Employee/Visitor Details.
    reserve locker storage user details
    1. Select theEmployee or Visitor.
    2. Enter the Name and Email address. If an employee is in the system's contact list, the system uses predictive typing to display all of the names and addresses beginning with the first three letters of the name.
  5. Enter the Locker Details.
    reserve locker details
    1. Select your location from the Location menu.
    2. If you need a wheelchair-accessible locker (15" to 48" from the floor), select Requires Accessible Locker.
    3. From the Locker Bank menu, select the locker bank. Only locker banks assigned to you are shown.
    4. From the Locker Size menu, select small, medium or large.
    5. Enter the Locker Reservation End Time if this option is available. If not, the reservation ends at a time set by the administrator.
  6. Select Reserve. The person for whom the reservation was made will receive a confirmation email with a numeric PIN and a barcode.

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UPDATED: November 09, 2022