Navigating the TrackMyMail website

Learn about the TrackMyMail website so that you know ehere to go to work with jobs and reports.
Products affected: TrackMyMail™

To sign in to the TrackMyMail website, go to

The default landing page has the following tabs.

Note: These tabs are available based on the access level at which your account was created. Based upon your permission, you may see more or fewer tabs than in this example.

TrackMyMail landing page



The Dashboard displays the Job Summary, which shows tracking data for all jobs processed within the last 30 days. To change the date range, the use the Please Select a Mail Date Range menu. You can view jobs as far back as one calendar year.


Run Jobs

The Run Jobs tab provides access to PrecisionTrack for job creation. (The menu also contains an option for IMb Reservation, but this option is unavailable until further notice.)



The Reports tab provides access to standard and ad hoc reports for processed jobs.


Lookup Tools

The Lookup Tools tab uses retrieves available information about a specific mailpiece.



This tab provides access the Edit Profile and Manage Accounts functions. Access to the Admin tab is based upon the permissions level of the user profile currently signed in. Some users may not have access to this tab.



Provides access to the TrackMyMail Quick Start and User Guide.



Closes and disconnects you from the application.

For more information about how to use the TrackMyMail website, see the TrackMyMail User Guide.

UPDATED: November 22, 2022