Mailing a package on the SendPro MailCenter

Follow these steps to print postage for a package.
Products affected: SendPro® MailCenter 1000, SendPro® MailCenter 2000, SendPro® MailCenter 3000

Follow these steps to print postage for a package.

  1. Select the Run Mail button in the Mailing tile on the Home screen.
  2. Select an appropriate job from the Job tab (or you can select the Default job).
  3. Select the Weighing icon.
  4. As an example, choose the Attached Scale option. Select OK.
  5. Place the package on the scale. The Weighing icon label changes to "Attached Scale" and shows the weight of the package next to it.
  6. Select Class in the Mail Information list box on the left side of the Run Mail screen.  
  7. Select the appropriate postal class to mail the package.
  8. Select the option button for Package.
  9. Select any additional services you need from the Extra services list box on the right side of the screen.
  10. Select OK.
  11. Select Tape to print a tape with the postage amount.

UPDATED: December 02, 2022