Running mail on the SendPro MailCenter - step-by-step

Use the Run Mail screen to select your job or review current job settings.
Products affected: SendPro® MailCenter 1000, SendPro® MailCenter 2000, SendPro® MailCenter 3000

Use the Run Mail screen to select your job or review current job settings. This screen also keeps a running count of the processed mail. Refer to Run Mail Screen Icons and Buttons for a summary of the screen icons.

If you have accounts enabled on your system, you must select an account before you can run a mail job.

  1. Select the Run Mail button in the Mailing tile on the Home screen.
  2. Select an available job tab (or jobs) or open another job using the Open a Job tab along the top of the screen.
  3. Verify the current job settings displayed in the Mail Information list box on the left side of the Run Mail screen. To change any of the settings, select the item, for example, select Class to change the class.
    More information:
    • To change the weighing or sealing method, select its icon on the Run Mail screen.
    • To enter a new postage amount, select the Key in Postage tab at the bottom of the screen, or select the postage amount in the Run Mail screen.
    • To change the number of envelopes or tapes to print for this job, select the Envelope or Tape link tab on the Run Mail screen.
  4. To make changes to the envelope, or to the items that print on the envelope, select the Edit envelope link on the Run Mail tab. This opens the Edit envelope screen.
  5. To change the speed at which you process mail, select Machine Speed from the Mail Information list box.
  6. To preview the envelope, select the View full preview button at the bottom of the Edit envelope screen.
  7. To view other possible options (for example, to print a sample mailpiece) select the Options button at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Load envelopes and press the Start button, or if printing to tape, press the Tape button.
    More information:
    • If you have not loaded the envelopes onto the feeder, or if you need to add more mail to the feeder, the Run Mail screen shows the message "Waiting for Envelope".
    • If after a certain time you have not loaded envelopes, the feeder will stop and the message "Stopping..." is displayed.
  9. As the system processes the mailpieces, it keeps track of the number of pieces and the total postage amount. To check or clear the piece count, select the Counter button at the bottom of the Run Mail screen.
  10. If an envelope or tape jams during printing, the system stops and displays the location of the jam. Once you clear the jam you have to option of printing another envelope or tape.
  11. To save any changes you have made to this job, select Save or Save as on the top of the Run Mail screen.

UPDATED: December 01, 2022