Installing the Pitney Bowes DM Infinity Cellular Device

Learn how to install the Pitney Bowes Cellular Modem for the DM Infinity.
Products affected: DM Infinity™

The Pitney Bowes Cellular Device enables DM Infinity meters to connect digitally via a cellular connection allowing Pitney Bowes services to provide balance inquiries, postage refills, and USPS required meter health checks and software and rate updates. A connection to a DM Infinity meter requires a DM Infinity USB Ethernet Connectivity Kit, which has been shipped to you. This must be installed before connecting the Cellular Device. For steps on how to install the DM Infinity USB Ethernet Connectivity Kit, click here.

Follow these steps to install the Cellular Device:

  1. Opening the box and unpacking
  2. Connecting the Cellular Device
  3. Setting up the network configuration
  4. Reset the DM Infinity

number-1 Opening the box and unpacking

The following items are located inside the box. Unpack these components and remove the packaging.

  • Cellular Device
  • Power supply
  • Two antennae

number-2 Connecting the Cellular Device

  1. Connect the two antennae to the Cellular Device.
    front of the cellular device
  2. Connect the Ethernet cable from the DM Infinity LAN adapter to the LAN port on the Cellular Device. Do not connect the cable to the port labeled WAN.
    DM Infinity usb adapterback of the cellular device
  3. Connect the power supply to the Cellular Device power port and into a power outlet.
  4. The status LED located on the back of the Cellular Device will turn green. The cellular LED will turn solid green once a connection is made.

number-3 Setting up the network configuration

While the Cellular Device is connecting, check the DM Infinity meter network configurations. Ensure the network is set up to receive the address via DHCP by following the steps below.

  1. Press the Menu key on the meter.
  2. Choose Set Up.
  3. Choose Phone/Network Set Up.
  4. Choose More Options (down arrow).
  5. Choose Network Settings.
  6. Choose Mailing System Network Settings.
  7. Choose Get IP Address.
  8. Choose Get IP Address Automatically.
  9. Choose Exit Set up.

number-4 Reset the DM Infinity

  1. Power down the DM Infinity. After a few seconds, power on the DM Infinity.
  2. Once the DM Infinity is powered on and both LEDs on the Cellular Device are solid green, perform a balance inquiry on the DM Infinity Meter to test the connection.
    1. Press the Funds key.
    2. If prompted, enter your password and press the Enter key.
    3. Select Get Postage by Phone Balance. The system dials Pitney Bowes to connect to your account. When the connection is made, the system displays your balance.
    4. Select Done to return to the main screen.

If the balance inquiry is successful, the installation is complete and you may leave the Cellular Device and DM Infinity LAN Adapter connected on a permanent basis.

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UPDATED: June 16, 2023