Installing the DM Infinity USB Ethernet Connectivity Kit

Learn how to install the DM Infinity USB Ethernet Connectivity Kit.
Products affected: DM Infinity™

The USB Ethernet Connectivity Kit enables your DM Series meters to connect to a Local Area Network (LAN). Connecting your DM Series meter to a network allows downloads of postal rate updates, postage refills, and software updates.

Follow these steps to install the USB Ethernet Connectivity Kit:

  1. Opening the box and unpacking
  2. Installing the LAN adapter
  3. Connecting to a network

number-1 Opening the box and unpacking

The following items are located inside the box. Unpack these components and remove the packaging.

  • USB Ethernet adapter
  • USB extension cable
  • Ethernet cable

number-2 Installing the LAN adapter

  1. Be sure the meter is turned off before beginning. The power switch is located on the back of the meter.
  2. Connect the short USB extension cable to the back of the meter.
    USB ports
  3. Connect the LAN adapter to the USB extension cable.
    LAN adapter and the USB extension
  4. Plug the Ethernet cable into the LAN adapter.

number-3 Connecting to a network

If you are connecting the Pitney Bowes Cellular Device, you can find the installation instructions here.

  1. Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into a network connection.
  2. Turn the meter on. Once the meter has finished initializing and the Home screen is displayed, one of the small LED lights on the LAN adapter should light up. This could take up to a minute.
  3. To check connectivity, perform a balance inquiry on the meter.
    1. Press the Funds key.
    2. If prompted, enter your password and press the Enter key.
    3. Select Get Postage by Phone Balance. The system dials Pitney Bowes to connect to your account. When the connection is made, the system displays your balance.
    4. Select Done to return to the main screen.

If the balance inquiry is successful, the installation is complete and you may leave the LAN adapter and cable connected on a permanent basis.

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UPDATED: June 16, 2023