Changing the class, carrier, or special services on the SendPro MailCenter

Follow these steps to display and select the classes and services available on your SendPro® MailCenter.
Products affected: SendPro® MailCenter 1000, SendPro® MailCenter 2000, SendPro® MailCenter 3000
  1. Select the Run Mail button in the Mailing tile on the Home screen.
  2. To display and select the classes and services available on your system, open a postal job and select Class in the Mail Information list box on the Run Mail screen.
  3. Select the All classes and services tab on the classes and services screen. When you select this tab, the last class selected is displayed. To clear the selected class and any associated services, select Start over within this tab.
  4. Select the class from the class list box.

    More information about selecting a class:
    • If the class has other subclasses associated with it, it will have a plus sign (+) in front of it. Selecting the class will display the additional subclasses within the Class list box.
    • If an option button appears in front of the class, the postage amount is typically displayed after the class name.
    • Selecting the back arrow button at the top of the Class list box returns you to the previous class level. For example, if you have selected First Class > Letter, selecting Back returns you to the Class list box.
    • If the class requires additional information, it will display ellipses "... " after the name. When you select this class, you are prompted to type in the additional information.
    • When you select a class, the rating factors for that class appear in the list box on the left of the Run Mail screen. For example, for USPS rates, this may include the Weighing method. To change any of these factors, select the item in the list box.
    • If special services are available for a class, they are displayed in the Extra services list box. To select a service, touch the checkbox for the service. For example, in the US for First Class letter, you can add insurance or COD. You can also add confirmation tracking services like Delivery confirmation, E-Certified, or Certified.
    • If you select a class or service that is incompatible with a.) the weighing method, b.) the weight of a mailpiece currently on the scale, c.) a weight or amount of postage entered manually, d.) or a destination, a dialog box appears and prompts you to modify the item. For example, if the weighing method is incompatible you are prompted to select a new method.
  5. If the class or weight requires a ZIP or Zone, the system prompts you to enter it.
  6. If you select an International rate, the system prompts you to select the country.
  7. Select any extra service or services available for the class from the Extra services list box.
  8. Select OK.

UPDATED: September 20, 2023