Submit a Contract Cancellation Request

Information on how to submit a request to cancel a contract.
Before submitting a cancellation request why not review our Lease Offers Portal? With just one click you may find a new contract offer better suited to your business needs.
  1. If you have reviewed the lease offers above and still wish to request a cancellation, call Pitney Bowes at 1-844-256-6444 and just say "Cancel" to bypass the options.
    • 💡Tip: Have your 10-digit Account number, located at the top of your invoice, available when you call.  
  2. Once the request to cancel the contract has been submitted, a representative will be assigned to your case and will assist with completing your request. Instructions will be provided on how to decommission your meter and return it to Pitney Bowes.

UPDATED: February 20, 2023