Reactivating or transferring a PlanetPress license

You can create a 7-day temporary license key to enable PlanetPress to be used while the client is waiting for the activation or reactivation process to be completed.
Products affected: PlanetPressĀ®

You can transfer or reactivate a PlanetPress license.

  1. Open Connect Software Activation and take note of the Magic Number.
  2. Login to Web Activation Manager.
  3. Select View my OL Connect License.
  4. Select Reactivate/Transfer for PlanetPress Connect.
  5. Select one of the options for the reason that require an activation and select Continue.
  6. Select PlanetPress Connect Designer and PlanetPress Workflow and select Continue.
  7. Enter the Magic Number and select Continue.
  8. Download the license file and open it on the PlanetPress server.

UPDATED: March 09, 2023