Setting up a proxy server for DeviceHub in PitneyShip, PitneyShip Pro, or PitneyShip Enterprise

If your organization uses a proxy server, you need to set it up in DeviceHub.
Products affected: DeviceHub, PitneyShip®, PitneyShip® Pro, PitneyShip® Enterprise

If your organization uses a proxy server, you need to set it up in DeviceHub.

The features and options you see may vary depending upon your role and subscription. If you have any questions regarding your permissions, please contact your administrator.

If DeviceHub is unable to access the internet, it will ask if you want to configure a proxy server. If your proxy server changes, you can update the settings in DeviceHub manually.

DeviceHub supports the following authentication methods

  • Basic Authentication
  • None
  • Negotiate Authentication (Kerberos) for Windows only
  1. If DeviceHub is unable to access the internet, you will see this message. Select Configure Proxy Server.
    DeviceHub popup when unable to connect to the internet
  2. If you are not prompted, but need to add or change your proxy server settings, right-click on the DH (DeviceHub) icon in the system tray (small icons near the clock) and select Configure Proxy Server.
    Accessing the DeviceHub proxy settings
  3. Enter your proxy server information according to the authentication method you use. Contact your IT department to obtain this information if needed.
    • Basic Authentication: For basic authentication you must include the username and password in the proxy server URL, formatted as either http://{username}:{password}@{domain}:{port} or https://{username}:{password}@{domain}:{port}.
      DeviceHub Proxy settings with Basic Authentication method
    • None: Enter either http://proxy.server.url:portnumber or https://proxy.server.url:portnumber.
      DeviceHub Proxy settings with None Authentication method
    • Negotiate Authentication/Kerberos (Windows only):
      1. Enter either http://proxy.server.url:portnumber or https://proxy.server.url:portnumber.
      2. Check the Negotiate Authentication required box. DeviceHub will copy the proxy settings from the operating system if available.
        Note: When the proxy settings are changed, DeviceHub will try to connect to the internet again. If the settings are incorrect, DeviceHub will close.
        DeviceHub Proxy settings with Kerberos Authentication method
  4. Select OK.

UPDATED: April 06, 2024