Viewing voided shipping transactions in PitneyAnalytics

You can see voided shipping label transactions in PitneyAnalytics in the Spend Summary and Shipment Details Report.
Products affected: PitneyAnalytics

PitneyAnalytics recognizes shipping label transactions that have been voided in PitneyShip or PitneyShip Pro and re-calculates the spending for the period to accurately reflect the data in Spend Summary and Shipment Details report.

For USPS, the data changes when a shipment has been voided and the refund has been processed. If the refund is not processed or declined, the spend reports remain unchanged. This change applies to shipping labels only, and does not change anything for stamps or metered mail.

For FedEx and UPS, the voided labels are immediately processed, and the effect is updated in the spend summary reports.

Updates to Analytics may take up to 15 minutes after a shipment has been voided.

These changes appear as different forms in Spend Summary and Shipment Details report.

Spend Summary

In Spend Summary report, the voided shipments show in the form of Refund Amount and Refund Piece count in Columns.

Spend summary showing voided transactions

Shipment Details report

In Shipment Details Report, the void shipments show in the form of Refund Status (Requested/Approved/Declined)

Shipment details report with voided transaction

UPDATED: August 18, 2023