Scheduling a UPS pickup in PitneyShip, PitneyShip Pro, or PitneyShip Enterprise

You can schedule a UPS package pickup through PitneyShip, PitneyShip Pro, or PitneyShip Enterprise.
Products affected: PitneyShip®, PitneyShip® Pro, PitneyShip® Enterprise

You can schedule a package pickup for UPS through PitneyShip, PitneyShip Pro, or PitneyShip Enterprise. Pickup charges may vary based on your UPS account type.

The features and options you see may vary depending upon your role and subscription. If you have any questions regarding your permissions, please contact your administrator.

  1. From the Shipping & Mailing menu, select UPS On Call Pickup.
  2. Select the sender from the Sender Address menu.
  3. Enter the sender's email address and phone number if they are not already filled in.
  4. If you have more than one UPS account, select the account for the pickup from the Carrier Account menu.
  5. Select All UPS Shipments or Choose UPS Shipments.
    • If you select Choose UPS Shipments, select the shipments you wish to have picked up, then select Choose.
  6. Confirm the number and weight of the packages.
  7. Select the Pickup Date and time window.
  8. Select the Pickup Location.
  9. (Optional) Enter Pickup Reference notes.
  10. (Optional) Add any Additional Notes for the carrier.
  11. Select Packages are properly sealed and ready for shipment.
  12. Select Confirm Pickup.
  13. Confirm the information and select Print Confirmation.

If you need to cancel a pickup, go to the Pickup History tab.

UPDATED: June 24, 2024