Print button disabled or not working when printing USPS SCAN Form in PitneyShip, PitneyShip Pro, or PitneyShip Enterprise

If the SCAN Form Print button is disabled or the SCAN Form page shows 0 shipments, the SCAN form may have expired, SCAN form printing may have been enabled after the labels were created, or the labels may have been created on a Sunday.
Products affected: PitneyShip®, PitneyShip® Pro, PitneyShip® Enterprise


When trying to print a USPS SCAN Form, the Print button is disabled/grayed out, or the Print USPS SCAN form page shows that 0 shipments were created.


  • The USPS SCAN form has expired.
  • The USPS SCAN form printing was enabled after the labels were created.
  • The labels were created on a Sunday.


Solution 1: Print the SCAN form before 8:00 PM on the day the labels were created

USPS SCAN forms are dated and must be printed before 8:00 PM in your time zone. After 8:00 PM, the form for the current date is no longer available. Labels created after 8:00 PM are automatically added to the next day's SCAN form. The next day's SCAN form is available after midnight.

If you did not print today's SCAN form before 8:00 PM, then you will not be able to use a SCAN form for today's shipments. Your individual labels will need to be scanned instead.

Solution 2: Enable SCAN form printing before creating shipping labels

Make sure that SCAN Form printing is enabled before any labels are created for the day. Only labels created after SCAN Form printing is enabled will be included on the SCAN Form.

  1. Select Settings > SCAN Forms and Manifests
  2. Select Enable SCAN form printing.
  3. Enter the desired ZIP Code in the Ship From ZIP for all SCAN Form Labels.

Solution 3: For Sunday packages, wait until Monday

Labels created on Sundays will have Monday's Ship Date, so the USPS SCAN Form cannot be printed until Monday. The SCAN form printed on Monday will contain packages from both Sunday and Monday.

UPDATED: July 15, 2024