Creating an international shipping label in the PitneyShip mobile app

You can use the PitneyShip mobile app to create an international shipping label and print it directly from your phone.
Products affected: PitneyShip™ mobile app

You can use the PitneyShip mobile app to create an international shipping label and print it directly from your phone.

Quick Steps

  1. Tap Ship on the Home screen.
  2. Select the country from the drop-down.
  3. Tap the Package Type tab and choose your packaging type.
  4. Enter the recipient address.
  5. Tap Continue.
  6. Verify the address if asked.
  7. Select the service.
  8. Complete the required customs fields.
  9. Tap Print.


  1. On the Home screen, tap Ship.
  2. Select the country from the drop-down.
  3. (Optional) To use a preset that you have previously created in PitneyShip, tap the Choose Preset tab and tap the desired preset. Presets must be created and edited in the desktop version of PitneyShip.
    Tip: If new presets were added, you can swipe down in the app to refresh the presets list.
  4. If not using a preset, tap the Package Type tab and choose your packaging type.
  5. If using carrier-specific packaging, tap the carrier, then select the package type. Scroll down to see more package types.
    Note: Carriers will vary based on your subscription level. DHL is only available for PitneyShip+ and PitneyShip++ users.
  6. If using your own packaging, tap My Packaging, then select the package type. To enter the dimensions and weight, tap on each field and enter the measurement.
  7. Tap Continue.
  8. (Optional) To change the sender address, tap the Sender Address at the top and select the desired address.
  9. (Optional) To assign this label to a cost account, tap the Cost Account menu and select the desired account. If you need to enable a cost account, log in to PitneyShip using a desktop and follow the steps in the Enabling cost accounts in SendPro Online or PitneyShip article.
  10. Enter the recipient address, or tap the address book icon and select it from the address book. If you enter a new address, tap the Save to address book box to save it in your address book.
  11. To email the tracking number when you print the label, tap the Email the tracking number box. The sender and recipient email addresses are automatically filled in if they are in the address book. If the address is not automatically filled in, tap on the line below the box and enter it. To add another address, tap next to the first address.
  12. Tap Continue.
  13. If prompted to verify the address, tap Use Suggested.
  14. Select the service you wish to use. Scroll down to see all available services.
  15. Tap Add Custom Information.
    1. Tap the Type of Export box.
      Type of export box
    2. Select your item type.
    3. Tap Add Item.
    4. Fill in the item details.
      Item details
    5. Tap Save if you only have one item, or tap Save & Add Another to add another item.
    6. Tap Continue.
    7. Select the AES Exemption type.
    8. (Optional) Fill in the Additional Information fields.
    9. Under If Shipment Cannot be Delivered, select what to do if the shipment cannot be delivered.
    10. Tap the box to certify that the information is correct.
    11. Tap Save Custom Information.
  16. To print the label directly from your phone if you have a printer installed:
    1. Tap Print.
    2. If the Label Options screen opens, select your preferred label options.
      • Select Print Size: Select the size of the label you wish to print.
      • Contents of the shipment: Enter the contents of your shipment.
      • Print Way Bill: Tap this box if your shipment requires a waybill.
      • Memo: Your memo will be included on the shipping label.
      • Print Commercial Invoice: To include a commercial invoice, tap this checkbox.
      • Print Certificate of Origin: Tap this box if your shipment requires a certificate of origin.

      Note: Available label options will vary depending on the carrier selected.

    3. Tap Print if you are ready to print your shipping label.
    4. (Optional) Tap Print Sample to print a sample label.
    5. When the label opens, select the printer, select any other needed options, then tap Print to print the label.

Reprinting the label, requesting a refund, or shipping another label

After creating a label, tap the 3 dots menu in the upper right SendPro Mobile 3 dots menu if you need to reprint the label, request a refund, or ship another of the same label.

Note: The last 10 labels you printed from the PitneyShip mobile app to a Wi-Fi printer are available in your phone's Downloads folder. Labels printed to a Bluetooth printer or the PitneyShip Cube are not on this list.

UPDATED: February 02, 2024