Importing cost accounts in PitneyShip

You can import a CSV file of cost accounts.
Products affected: PitneyShip™

You can import a CSV file of cost accounts.

The features and options you see may vary depending upon your role and subscription. If you have any questions regarding your permissions, please contact your administrator.

  1. Select Settings > Cost Accounts.
  2. Select Import.
  3. (Optional) To use a template to create your import file, select Download a .csv template. The file sample-cost-accounts-import.csv will be downloaded. You can insert your cost accounts into this template, or copy the headers (first row) from this template into your own cost account file.
  4. Select Browse, select the CSV file that contains the cost accounts you wish to import, and select Open.
  5. Select Import.

UPDATED: October 12, 2023