Changing the access level of a colleague sharing your online profile

Learn how to adjust your colleague's access level in your online portal.
If you invited a colleague to share access to your online portal, you can control their access level from your online portal. This can only be done by clients who have manager access. 

Change the access level of a colleague on your profile

  1. Go to the signin page
  2. If prompted, select a portal, otherwise, you will be directed to your Your Account dashboard. 
    • Your Account for billing, account management, leases and rentals
    • Shipping 360 for the shipping and mailing cloud-based platform
  3. Select the Your Account menu and click Manage Accounts
  4. Select the Manage Colleagues tab. 
  5. Click Edit beside the user you would like to change the access for. 
  6. Select the Account and the access type for that account. 
managing a colleagues access image

UPDATED: January 24, 2024