Resolving failed online payments

Payment method failures prompt an email, indicating the issue and necessary actions. Update or resolve payment issues to prevent service interruption or late fees
Online payments can fail for a variety of reasons, such as expired cards, insufficient funds, or incorrect account information. You will receive an email with the specific reason for your payment failure.

Resolve a failed payment in Your Account online

We will send an email to the user who set up the payment method if a payment fails. This email will advise of the reason for the payment failure and the action required to resolve the issue. 

If you did not set up the payment method, please chat with us. After the issue is resolved, please re-submit your payment to avoid any interruptions to your service or late payment charges to your account. 

Reasons a payment can fail

Your Credit Card is expired 

If your payment failed due to an expired credit card, sign in to Your Account to update your credit card expiration date.

Insufficient balance

Please contact your financial institution to ensure there are sufficient funds available.

The bank account is invalid

If your payment failed due to an invalid bank account, sign in to Your Account to update your bank account information.

Payment not authorized 

Contact your financial institution and provide them with the Pitney Bowes originating company ID.
 Purchase Power 6841386389
 Pitney Bowes Lease 5201344287
 Reserve Account 9601631001
 Rental, Supplies, Service & Maintenance 7060495050
 USPS Prepaid 9601631001

Non-Transaction Account

We were not able to debit the bank account you provided, please contact your financial institution to resolve the issue.

UPDATED: January 25, 2024