PitneyShip mobile app Release Notes (November 29, 2023) version 1.36.0 (iOS) 1.0.49 (Android)

PitneyShip mobile app Release Notes for version 1.36.0 (iOS) 1.0.49 (Android) (November 29, 2023)
Products affected: PitneyShip™ mobile app

New Features & Enhancements

Multiple PitneyShip Cube support

Enabled support for multiple PitneyShip Cube connections. The PitneyShip mobile app can only connect to one PitneyShip Cube at a time, but you can select from the list of available PitneyShip Cube printers. The selected PitneyShip Cube will then be the default printer. You can identify the respective PitneyShip Cube on the settings screen and connect to that PitneyShip Cube.

The PitneyShip Cube in an active state will be the default printer. If multiple PitneyShip Cube printers are active, you can select the desired PitneyShip Cube you wish to print from.

PitneyShip Cube support videos

This release added PitneyShip Cube support videos to assist with installation and label roll replacement.

Issues Fixed

There were no issues fixed in this release.

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