PitneyTrack Inbound Release Notes version 1.80.0 (May 02, 2024)

PitneyTrack Inbound Release Notes for version 1.80.0 (May 02, 2024)
Products affected: PitneyTrack® Inbound, PitneyTrack® Mobile App

New Features & Enhancements

Web browser: Site selection on the landing page is retained

The value selected from the Site drop-down menu on the landing page is now retained in the user’s profile and used on other systems or browser sessions.

Mobile App: Switching between Asset and Receiving modes has been improved

The More menu option now includes the option to switch between Asset and Receiving modes. The mobile device must be connected to the internet to switch modes, otherwise “There’s no internet connection” will be displayed.

Mobile App: Added the ability to select the user’s region

When launching the app for the first time, a prompt appears to select the region in which the user’s account was created. If the combination of region/account is invalid, the region prompt will be displayed again. The region selection can be changed at any time by tapping the ellipsis button in the top right-hand corner of the login page.

Issues Fixed

Web browser: Improved the behavior of the Reset button on the Manage Asset page

Previously, the “Reset” button navigated away from the page. Now, it clears the field values and remains on the page.

UPDATED: May 14, 2024