PitneyShip mobile app Release Notes version 1.0.41 (iOS) 1.0.54 (Android) (March 21, 2024)

PitneyShip mobile app Release Notes for version 1.0.41 (iOS) 1.0.54 (Android) (November 21, 2024)
Products affected: PitneyShip™ mobile app

New Features & Enhancements

Enabled sign-up option

Updated the sign-in screen to include a link to create a PitneyShip account.

Added Multi-Factor Authentication

Users must enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) using PitneyShip on a desktop computer. Once MFA has been enabled, users will be able to log in using a verification code.

ERR history viewable in History

Users can view ERR history under the Proof of Delivery tab on the History screen. Once the signature is available, users can download a PDF copy of the signature or have a copy sent via email. For coversheet shipments, a reprint option is available. The coversheet will be printed in 8.5x11 format and can be reprinted once only.

Issues Fixed

Wrong stamp size

Previously, when the PitneyShip Cube plan was unavailable, the stamps printed using the PitneyShip Cube were too large. This issue has been fixed, and stamps will print as normal.

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UPDATED: May 16, 2024