PitneyShip Enterprise Release Notes version 1.83.0 (June 13, 2024)

PitneyShip Enterprise Release Notes for version 1.83.0 (June 13, 2024)
Products affected: PitneyShip® Enterprise

New Features & Enhancements

Coversheet reprint printer selection

DeviceHub users now have the option to select a printer when reprinting a coversheet.

Read more about Reprinting a coversheet.

USPS postage refill authentication

To refill USPS postage, users now need to authenticate by entering a verification code sent via email. They must complete this authentication process every 30 days. Note: This requirement applies only to manual postage refills and not to automatic ones.

Read more about Refilling postage.

FedEx multi-piece extra services

Added the following extra services for multi-piece shipments that require a signature:

  • No Signature Required
  • Direct Signature Required
  • Adult Signature Required

If selected, the extra service will apply to all packages in the multi-piece shipment.

Read more about Creating a multi-piece shipment.

FedEx One Rate option removed

FedEx One Rate has been removed from Rates & Services. Users will see their negotiated rates and FedEx Standard rates.

Issues Fixed

Subscription Roles removing Access Level attribute

When updating the Subscription Role the Access Level attributes were removed. This issue has been resolved.

UPDATED: June 14, 2024