Understanding Fees and Charges on Your Invoices

UPDATED: March 20, 2017

Learn more about common fees and charges that may appear on your invoice or statement.

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Typical fees include:

Analog Access Connection fee
The charge for the meter connecting to the Pitney Bowes server with an analog line instead of an internet connection. Learn more about meter connection types.

Dormant fee
A charge for not using an account for 12+ months to cover administrative expenses.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - Postage
An annual charge to cover the administrative costs for automatically debiting money from a bank account as postage refills occur.

Enhanced Rewards fee
An annual charge which allows you to accumulate additional Purchase Power Loyalty Rewards points and additional services.

Equipment Restocking fee (Rental)
A charge for returning a postage meter while in a one-year rental commitment period.

Equipment Return fee (Lease)
An administrative charge that covers restocking and returning a postage meter.

Finance charge
A charge for maintaining an outstanding balance on Purchase Power accounts.

Late fee
A fee charged when payment is not received by the due date. Learn more about late fees and how to ensure prompt payment.

You can also view payment posting schedule to better understand the time frames for receiving and applying payments.  

Meter Postage Overage fee
The Meter Postage Overage fee is a charge in Purchase Power® for exceeding the monthly free transaction limit established based on the mailing system.

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee
A charge that covers the returned payment when there were insufficient funds in the bank account.

Overlimit fee
A charge for exceeding the credit limit. If this happens often, consider requesting a Purchase Power Credit Line increase through your account.

Postage Advance fee
A charge that covers the costs associated with advancing postage funds.

Postage Rate Change fee
Administrative charges that cover the cost of updating postal rates on your meter. Unless you are covered under our Soft-Guard® program, there is a fee for updating meters and mailing systems with new USPS or other carrier rate data. Soft-Guard coverage can save you money each time postal or carrier data changes. Fees for up to six qualified rate changes are covered during a 12-month subscription.

PresortXtra Program fee
The charge for using the PresortXtra program, which offers a reduced postage rate on bulk mailings. The charge is per daily pickup and invoiced once a month.

Priority Service fee (Annual Account Access Fee)
An annual fee for enrollment in the Priority Service Enhancement Program.

Property Tax admin fee
Pitney Bowes charges an Administrative fee for processing and paying the Property Tax. Per the terms and conditions of your agreement, the administration fee covers Pitney Bowes’ costs to prepare and file the required property tax returns to the appropriate tax authority.

Purchase Power Transaction fee
A charge incurred each time you refill a postage meter.

Reclear fee
An administrative charge for any checks that are returned for insufficient funds or any other reason.

Refill / Reset fee
An administrative charge for connecting to the Pitney Bowes server to add postage. You can avoid incurring multiple fees by downloading enough postage to last you a month or quarter, depending upon your business needs.

Rental rate change
Rental rates are determined by meter usage and the marketing program or promotion included with your signed rental contract. Changes in usage or the ending of a promotion period may affect your invoice amount.

Returned Check fee
A charge for any checks that are returned for insufficient funds or any other reason.

A service for software that provides up to six free rate downloads over 12 months.

USPS® ACH Set Up Fee - Prepaid Postage
This fee will be debited from your bank account at the time the ACH Debit process is established for you. Your account will be charged a nonrefundable $100 set-up fee to participate in this program.

The ValueMAX program is our repair/replacement program for leased equipment. It is not insurance, but if you have proof of insurance coverage that protects the leased equipment from loss, damage or destruction, you can opt out of this program.