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How to Access Your Billing and Postage Balance Information Online

You will need to create an online account in order to view your account balances and postage availability. 


View your current credit balances, available postage funds, monthly minimum due, or download the details as a PDF or CSV file.

Select one of the Go to buttons to directly access a specific account page or use the summary to view all account balances on one page.


(Summary of all Account types)       


open tab Go to Summary

Billing Accounts
(Lease, Rental, Service, Supply)


open tab Go to Billing Accounts

Credit Lines
(Purchase Power®)


open tab Go to Credit Lines

Prepaid Account
(Reserve, USPS®)


open tab Go to Prepaid Accounts

Learn how to:

Check your postage account balance directly on your meter, or online using your account.


Select a Go to Button to sign in and quickly acces areas of Your Account

open tabGo to Payment History


to directly access your past Billing Account invoices and Credit Line statements (Purchase Power accounts).

open tab Go to Account Activity


to directly access a breakdown of your postage usage by account type, transaction, and date range. 


UPDATED: June 24, 2019