Viewing and printing your invoices and statements online

Access invoices or statements online using Your Account. You can view, print and download a copy of a current or past bill — from a single screen. You will need to create your account to view online billing. 

Select a Go to button to sign in and quickly access your invoices or statements

Billing Accounts > Invoices


open tab  Go to Billing Accounts

Current & Past Invoices for leases,
rental, service, supply, software & data.

Credit Lines > Statements


open tab   Go to Credit Lines

Current & Past statements for your
Purchase Power® credit lines.

Subscriptions > Statements


open tab  Go to Subscriptions

Current & Past statements for your
software and service subscriptions.

Prepaid Accounts > Statements


open tab Go to Prepaid Accounts

Current & Past statements for Reserve
Accounts & USPS® deposit accounts.

View, print or download a bill:
- Select the PDF icon (it may open in another tab).
- Print or download your bill using the options in the PDF reader.

Download multiple bills at once:
- Select the checkboxes, then click Download and choose PDF or CSV.
- Your bills will be downloaded in your chosen format into a compressed ”.zip” file.

Select an option for step-by-step instructions to help you find and download bills online:

Select a Go to button to sign in and quickly access consolidated views of either:


Payment History


open tab Go to Payment History

Filter by Bill Type to view pay status and
details for 18-months of past invoices or
credit line (Purchase Power) statements.



open tab Go to your Summary

View, print & pay bills; see all account balances.

Your Summary shows balances for all accounts, current and past bills: Learn more.

UPDATED: June 29, 2019