Migrating from SendPro® Analytics to PitneyAnalytics™

Find details about Migrating from SendPro® Analytics to PitneyAnalytics™
Products affected: PitneyAnalytics, SendPro Analytics

Yes. We are upgrading your SendPro® Analytics subscription to PitneyAnalytics™ solution soon. This is our brand new offering of analytics.

This page is a heads up on the migration process and what to expect with this change.


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Migration Process

  • When this change happens for you, you will be redirected from SendPro Analytics to PitneyAnalytics automatically.
  • If you do not get redirected automatically, you can visit https://shipping360.pitneybowes.com directly, after migration success notification.
  • You will need to authenticate with the same credentials as you use today.
  • All your data is safe and will follow you and your users.
  • Custom and Scheduled reports…
    •  These will come along as well.
    • When you are within PitneyAnalytics, please verify these under the "Favorites" and "Scheduled" tabs.

What's New!

  • A new design will welcome you in PitneyAnalytics.
  • You’re able to compare spend across years or months with the new Comparison reports.
  • Improvements to the reports include a new Show/Hide column feature.
  • A new easy to use approach for creating custom reports: just run the reports the way you like it and save it as a favorite.
  • The new Account List Management feature comes with a Secured FTP based scheduler to import cost accounts.
  • Advisor, our saving recommendation engine, has a new look too.

Watch this video to learn more about these changes.

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UPDATED: January 5, 2024