How to access Inview postage reporting online

Learn about Inview Postage Reports, or Total Meter Reporting, available online using your account.

UPDATED: 30 August 2016

Total Meter Reporting is now INVIEW™; a postage management tool available online. To get started, first create your account online. Then follow these steps:

  1. Sign In to your account
  2. On the main page, or via the Your Products drop down in the top menu, locate INVIEW™ Total Meter Reporting and select the link to Launch (>)
    Inview - TMR link
  3. The next page opens Total Meter Reporting. If you are a first time user, provide your 10-digit Business Partner Number (BPN) using one of the two options: 
    1. Download the BPN file template; enter your information. Then Upload the file and select Submit.
    2. Enter up to five BPN numbers in the fields on-screen and select Submit
      You can add additional BPNs using these options anytime.
  4. If you are a current user, you can skip the previous step and select the blue button: Continue.
  5. The blue bar at the top of the next screen is the Navigation Bar. Here you can choose a report, select a machine, and change your date range.
    1. Starting on the left side you will see a drop-down. When you select the menu you will find the available reports for that particular tab.
    2. Directly beneath the drop-down is a tool, About this report. Select the tool for a description about what you can find in that particular report.
    3. On the right side you can print a report from the website. Select Print and the report will generate into PDF format to easily print the file. You can also export into CSV or Excel.

  • View and report on postage meter funds and usage
  • Consolidate and group meters across the enterprise
  • Track Daily/monthly spend or class of service by pieces or dollars
  • Easily create ad-hoc reports without IT involvement
  • Access postage meter departmental accounting data easily via your account

The data collected for the Postage Reports is compiled on a monthly basis and is not available until the month has been completed.

Total Postage Management (TPM)
This financial management tool allows you to centrally fund, pay and report postage for: Postage Meters; Permit Mail including Express Mail® and Business Reply Mail; Presort Processed Mail; Mail Service Providers. Learn more about Total Postage Management.