Paying for Postage with a Credit Card

IMPORTANT NOTE: At this time Pitney Bowes only offers credit card as a postage payment option for the 2 products specified in this article.

mailstation™ (K700) / mailstation2™ (K7M0)

Your mailstation series meter can be set up to have postage charged directly to your credit card. If you would like to setup or modify your credit card as a postage payment method for your mailstation series meter you will need to call our Billing & Account Support team at 1-844-256-6444. There are no additional fees applied by Pitney Bowes to use this payment method for the mailstation series meter.

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SendPro® Online Solution

You can use a credit card as a payment method when adding postage to your SendPro Online. When paying with a credit card a 3.5% administrative fee is applied. The postage and the administrative fee will be charged as a single transaction to your credit card. Example: if $100 in postage is added to your SendPro Online your credit card would be charged $103.50 ($100.00 + 3.5%).

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UPDATED: June 1, 2019