Learn about setting a preset, a saved setting of your commonly-used meter functions. Assigning a preset, such as First-Class letter, saves time and ensures accuracy in your mailings.

A Preset is a snapshot of commonly-used meter settings that allows you to easily recall the properties you use most often. Assigning a preset, such as First-Class letter, saves time and ensures accuracy in your mailings.


Important Note: Effective July 9th, 2023  

Pitney Bowes meters will no longer default to Priority Mail for First-Class Letters and Large Envelopes (Flats) when the weight on the weighing platform or manually entered weight exceeds 13 ounces.

This “automatic” class switching was implemented over 20 years ago when First-Class was not broken into mail piece type and Priority Mail was zone independent up to 5 pounds.

Over the recent past, USPS has been differentiating the delivery standards for First Class and Priority Mail, culminating with the introduction of Ground Advantage on with the impending rate update.

As such, on July 9th, the Meter Operator will choose which category of mail to use for mail pieces greater than 13 ounces:

  • Priority Mail – shorter delivery time frame, higher cost
  • Ground Advantage – similar delivery time frame as First-Class mail, lower cost

Meters will present a message indicating item too heavy for class, please select another class.  At this instance, operators will be able to select a class that meets their requirements for delivery time frame and\or cost.  All systems will filter the list of available classes by the weight and present only viable options.


Select your meter for detailed instructions about setting your presets:

Presets and Postal Rate Change
After you perform a postage rate update, your presets may need to be updated. If your presets are class-based and the rates for that class have changed, the values will be accurate on the effective date of the change. If you saved any presets by keying in a postage amount instead of selecting a mail class then you must manually change that preset.

 TIPS: It is always recommended to select mail class-based preset so you never have to remember to update them when rates change. 

Write down all your stored presets, including any added services and account numbers you may have included as saved values.

The Normal Preset
Normal presets are the default settings on your meter that you define with your most commonly used values, such as postage rates and class. These normal preset values will be the default state on your mailing system when it is first powered on, or after it awakens from "sleep" mode. You cannot delete a normal preset, but you can assign it different values when needed.

Custom Presets
On many Pitney Bowes mailing machines, parameters for special mailings can be stored as Custom Presets. You can define up to ten (10) custom settings for these mailing situations.

For USPS® Rates & Updates information, visit Rate Change Central.

UPDATED: June 27, 2024