Battle of the Post: Mailmark Franking vs. Stamps - Unveiling the Perks

Elevate Your Mail Strategy: Discover the Benefits of Switching to Mailmark® Franking

In the wake of rising costs across the board, small business owners are continually searching for avenues to cut expenses and boost efficiency. One such area where substantial savings can be made is in the mundane task of sending mail. With the recently announced Royal Mail postage rates for 2024 taking effect, is it time to reconsider franking or traditional stamps?

Understanding the Cost Differences

The latest figures are a game changer for anyone relying on postal services. To start with, sending a first class letter using stamps will now set you back £1.35. However, if you've jumped on the Mailmark Franking bandwagon, it remains at a mere £1.06, gifting you a savings of 29p per letter.

The price hike extends to second class letters too, with stamps climbing up to 85p whereas the Mailmark franking option holds steady at 69p – presenting an increased saving of 16p per letter over their stamped counterpart.

The Financial Impact Over Time

Imagine sending 20 letters a day – a modest estimate for a bustling small enterprise. Over a year, the savings vault up to £5,402. That’s by no means chump change and could be turned into investing back into the business or expanding your operations. Have a look at the table below to visualise the yearly savings.

  Stamps Mailmark Savings
  Buying from the Post Office Buying using Pitney Bowes How much save on each send
First Class 2024 Prices
Standard Letter £1.35 £1.06 £0.29 / 21%
Large Letter £2.10 £1.52 £0.58 / 27%
100g+ Large Letter £2.90 £2.16 £0.74 / 25%
250g+ Large Letter £3.50 £2.79 £0.71 / 20%
501 - 750g Large Letter £3.50 £3.13 £0.37 / 10%
Second Class 2024 Prices
Standard Letter £0.85
£0.16 / 18%
Large Letter £1.55
£0.42 / 27%
100g+ Large Letter £2.10
£0.50 / 23%
250g+ Large Letter £2.50
£0.39 / 15%
501 - 750g Large Letter £2.70
£0.31 / 11%

These values are based on Royal Mail's 2024 prices.

Why Mailmark Franking?

Royal Mail stands behind their decisions to increase stamp prices, highlighting that it is a necessary move for the sustainability of the Postal Service. Yet, they've consciously held the line on First and Second Class franked letter rates.

Here are some key 2024 highlights that sweeten the deal for franking machine users:

  • Zero increase in the cost of First and Second Class franked letters.
  • Guaranteed savings of 29p when sending First Class letters, compared to stamps.
  • An increased saving of 16p with Second Class letters versus stamps.

Not Just About Cost Savings

It's essential to keep in mind that aside from the financial benefits, the use of Mailmark® Franking brings forth operational advantages such as time efficiency, professional image, and ease of tracking and reporting for your mailing needs. Utilising physical mail ensures your message directly reaches the recipient, unlike emails. Emails may go to the wrong address or land in a spam folder. In contrast, a physical mail piece delivered to an address is tangible. It stands out, reducing the chance of being overlooked or lost in a digital clutter. Additionally, it adds a personal touch. This makes the recipient feel valued and increases the likelihood of engagement with the mail's content.


The evidence is crystal-clear. For small business owners, the dividends of adopting Mailmark® Franking over conventional stamps are undeniable not only in the realm of penny-pinching but also in the grander scheme of simplifying business operations.

Savings are approximate and subject to change. Royal Mail franking prices as of 2nd April 2024:

  • 27% saving based on 1st class large letter stamp price v Mailmark Franking.
  • Up to £27k saving based on sending 100 Mailmark Franked 1st class 100g+ large letter over a year (365 days) v stamped prices.
  • Up to £18k saving based on sending 100 Mailmark Franked 2nd class 100g+ large letter over a year (365 days) v stamped prices.