Learn how to manage your account online, change your address, obtain copy invoices or statement or set up Direct Debit, in the UK.

As a Pitney Bowes client you are able to manage your account online, giving you access to number of self serve features including:

View/Download/Print Invoices
View and download all your invoices and statements online.
Change Your Address
Update the location of your meter or your billing address.
Paperless Billing
Set your paperless preferences for all your invoices and statements.
Direct Debit
Set up direct debit for all your Pitney Bowes accounts.
Create a Case
Create a support case via your online account, for either financial, account or technical support.
Change of Company Name
Request a company name change for any of the accounts linked to your online profile.
Manage Preferences
Set up alerts and manage you email preferences.
Add Postage to your Meter Online
Refill or add postage to your meter online and check your meter balance and set up low balance alerts.
Add Accounts to your Online Profile
Add additional accounts and products to your online profile.
Invite a Colleague
Invite a colleague to share your account, giving them access to the same information and online features.