Target the right market with the right message.

Fixed-head inkjet printing to quickly address and personalise mail at speeds up to 30,000 mail pieces per hour.
Print directly on envelopes postcards and other media.
Add personalised messages on the outside of your mail to increase open and response rates.
Update and eliminate old addresses, to avoid delays in delivery and returned mail with our optional software.
AddressRight® 100
AddressRight® 100
4-head inkjet
Up to 22,000
6 mm
50.8 x 381 mm
57.8 x 36.8 (58.4 w/Rear Guide) x 55.3 cm
27.3 kg
AddressRight® 200
AddressRight® 200
6-head inkjet
Black and spot colour
Up to 30,000
127 to 381 mm
76.2 x 254 mm
9 mm
76.2 x 381 mm
58.4 x 73 x 54 cm
36.3 kg
AddressRight® 300
AddressRight® 300
8-head inkjet
12 mm
101.6 x 381 mm
64.2 x 85 x 30.8 cm
43.5 kg
Optional Extras
Enhance the performance of your AddressRight® printer.
FlexMail Software
FlexMail® Software
Easy to install, this software helps you clean and organise address data from any source and print graphically rich personalised envelopes on any printer. The ideal partner to the AddressRight® printers.
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