Hybrid Mail

Our hybrid mail solution allows organisations to securely send documents, outbound mail, and letters of all types for physical print, production and mailing, or for digital delivery, via an easy-to-use print driver. It offers unparalleled ease of use, so you can be ready to send your first piece of mail in hours.

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How does Hybrid Mail work?
Transform your mail solution
Eliminate bottlenecks, scale quickly, and increase productivity with our print and post service... Do in hours what it can take others over a week with our mail solution
Own your digital transformation
Automate key physical mail processes first time so your business is faster, more responsive and connected.
Where does hybrid mail fit into your customer communications (CCM) strategy?
Our hybrid mail solution can improve customer experiences, enable remote teams, save time, and drive revenue.
Ensure total compliance
Enable distributed teams to send consistent and compliant mail and print wherever they’re based. Our platform covers quality accreditations including ISO27001.
‘The Pitney Bowes hybrid mailing system has saved us hours of manual work compared to the old method, and the ability to report on each letter gives us peace of mind that our clients are receiving their communications from us on time.
- Rob Hopkins, Director, Family Finance Ltd

What are the drawbacks?

There aren’t any! Securely send letters and digital documents for physical print, production, and mailing via a pre-installed Pitney Bowes PC print driver, a dedicated file folder, or a web portal.

How much does it cost to implement and are there any ongoing costs?

Hybrid Mail and Hybrid Mail Lite are adapted to meet the needs and budgets of small, medium and large businesses.
A single monthly subscription
No set up fees***
Item level tracking in real-time
2D bar coding verification
Preferential postage rates from 30p per letter** / 2-3 day delivery
Send print and postage from 40p per letter****
GDPR compliant
Web portal submission
Document submission type: Word and PDF
Fully encrypted using Amazon web services

Choose the option that fits best with your business.

Hybrid Mail
Postage: 1st class, 2-3 day delivery, international
Over 2,000
C5, C4
25 sheets
Hybrid Mail Lite
Postage: 2-3 day delivery
Over 500
How to guides
Up to 3
Not available
Yes (chargeable)
7 sheets

Change is coming – are you prepared?

Our guide is full of advice and practical steps to ensure your business is ready for the digital future.

Covering disruption, innovation, leadership, people, and importantly data, our guide will help ensure your business is fit for the digital future.

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*Across paper, printer consumables, envelopes and postage. Savings could be more or less depending upon the complexity of the mailing required.
**C5 envelopes containing up to seven sheets of paper.​ 8+ sheets will be inserted into a C4 envelope and postage charges are higher.
***Subject to a minimum 2 year term for Hybrid Mail. No minimum term for Hybrid Mail Lite.
****1 sheet, 100 gsm mono simplex inserted into a C5 envelope via 2-3 day delivery.
*****Mail volume will also be dependent upon your operating costs across staff handling, paper, printer consumables, envelopes and postage. We will help you to choose the correct solution based upon your ROI.