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Boost your small business marketing with these 3 essential questions
Boost your small business marketing with our essential guide. Learn to set clear goals, update marketing channels, and experiment with promotions for maximum impact
3m read21/11/2023Digital Transformation
Making the most of your limited-budget campaign: 6 essential tips
Maximise your marketing impact on a budget with our 6 essential tips, including strategic color use, PURLs, and cost-effective design choices
3m read21/11/2023Digital Transformation
A brief history of Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Pitney Bowes has created a simple digital invoice processing tool to aid clients who are grappling with paper, removing the need for unreliable OCR. 
4m read01/09/2022Invoice Processing
Are you overlooking your most valuable business asset?
Learn how to use data to your advantage. As one of your most valuable assets and the answer to making smarter decisions your data should be protected through automation.
4m read20/01/2022Operational Efficiency
Shifting to digital to become more agile and responsive
Pitney Bowes Inbound Document and Data Workflow solutions help drive better handling, capture, digitisation, and classification of all your Inbound mail and data workflows.
4m read07/02/2021Inbound Mail