Business Mail Advance (BMA) Rate Change Central

Are you ready for Royal Mail rate change?

Royal Mail have announced changes to their Business Mail Advance postal tariffs, effective 2nd January 2018. Find answers to your questions and details on how to update your franking machine.


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Deployment date 

Activation date 

 DM300M/DM400M/DM475M (G922)



 Connect+ / SendPro P Series



What is Changing?

The minimum entry level for Business Mail Advance mail will reduce from 500 to 250 mail items/class from the 2nd January 2018.
Therefore Business Mail Advance will be able to be used for mailing of 250 items/class or more.



Current 2017   

New 2018   

   Business Mail Mailmark 1st Class Advanced

£ 0.56   

£ 0.58   

   Business Mail Mailmark Advanced

£ 0.37   

£ 0.38   

Note: Prices shown are including VAT and as shown on the Franking machine, they are without any Volume Related Discount or VAT reclaim.