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Seamless outsourced print and post with Hybrid Mail.
Send whenever, from wherever.

Our subscription-based hybrid mail solution offers secure and convenient document delivery. Whether you prefer physical print and mailing or digital delivery, our easy-to-use print driver ensures a seamless experience.  Discover the possibilities today!

Simplify your mail today
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Save up to 43%**
Vs franking
Send online
From any device.
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We print and post your mail.
We post using Royal Mail.
Simplify with Automation: It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3!
We understand that your internal process can be time-consuming and prone to errors, due to the multiple manual steps involved. Simplify your workflow by automating physical and digital document delivery in just three steps.
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1: Login to your secure print driver portal and select a template.
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2: Select and upload documents that you would like to be printed and posted.
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3. Simply send to print and we’ll add a barcode and all letters and then safely deliver them by Royal Mail.

How does Hybrid Mail save us money?

It’s simple & easy to use and with a low subscription making business justification that much more straight forward​. Find out how much you could save**.
Potential Savings per annum

How can Hybrid Mail help?

cost efficiency

Cost Efficiency:

Slash mailing expenses without sacrificing reliability.
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Security Concerns:

Trust a solution surpassing industry data compliance standards.
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Operational Efficiency:

Centralise and simplify with our user-friendly print driver.

Confidentiality Requirements:

Navigate strict confidentiality needs with confidence.
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Regulatory Compliance:

Stay ahead with our compliant document delivery.
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Hybrid Work Models:

Seamlessly adapt to hybrid structures and multiple locations.
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Marketing Budget Constraints:

Supercharge marketing efforts without breaking the bank.
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UK-Based Data Hosting:

Ensure compliance and security with our UK-based hosting.

How much does it cost to implement and are there any ongoing costs?

Hybrid Mail and Hybrid Mail Lite are adapted to meet the needs and budgets of small, medium and large businesses.
  • A single monthly subscription
  • No set up fees***
  • Item level tracking in real-time
  • 2D bar coding verification
  • Preferential postage rates from 30p per letter***** / 2-3 day delivery
  • Send print and postage from 40p per letter****
  • GDPR compliant
  • Web portal submission
  • Document submission type: Word and PDF
  • Fully encrypted using Amazon web services
‘The Pitney Bowes hybrid mailing system has saved us hours of manual work compared to the old method, and the ability to report on each letter gives us peace of mind that our clients are receiving their communications from us on time.
- Rob Hopkins, Director, Family Finance Ltd
Hybrid Mail Business Case

Hybrid Mail Business Case

Download our business case to help determine whether our Hybrid Mail solution is right for you. 

Send me my tailored business case

Not quite sure which way to go?

Don't worry, we've got your back! We get the ins and outs of automating your mailing processes and know just how to help you conquer them. Get in touch with our awesome team for the details.
*Savings are approximate and subject to change. Royal Mail franking prices increased in April 2023:
  • 1st class standard letter increased from 78p to 90p
  • 2nd class standard letter increased from 51p to 59p
  • Pitney Bowes Hybrid Mail DSA 2nd class equivalent @ only 44.10p.
  • 43% potential savings calculated on mailing 5000 1st class and 3000 2nd class letters with Royal Mail franking costs at £6270.00. With Pitney Bowes Hybrid Mail, it’s £3528.00. Saving a substantial £2742.00, around 43%* of your postage costs.
**Across paper, printer consumables, envelopes and postage. Savings could be more or less depending upon the complexity of the mailing required.
***Subject to a minimum 2 year term for Hybrid Mail. No minimum term for Hybrid Mail Lite.
****1 sheet, 100 gsm mono simplex inserted into a C5 envelope via 2-3 day delivery.
*****C5 envelopes containing up to seven sheets of paper.​ 8+ sheets will be inserted into a C4 envelope and postage charges are higher.