Mobile Sign-In

Allow visitors and staff to sign in from their mobile phones.

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Our smartphone companion app supports the full sign-in experience for visitors and staff.

Pre-register guests, have them answer health questions and agree to your policies before arrival. In addition, you can enable your employees to easily sign in or out on their smartphones, wherever they are. Manage your staff more efficiently and provide additional flexibility. Our smartphone companion app handles everything. Plus, it’s included with your subscription at no extra charge.

Know exactly who is on site

From employees to contractors to visitors, the today “widget” lets you see who has signed in at a glance on your smartphone. You can even switch between sites, check groups sign-ins and access their sign-in information.

Speed an emergency evacuation

Get an immediate account that all employees have safely left the building and are present, right on your smartphone. No need to check visitor books or printed lists. A timer records how long the roll call takes to complete from the moment the alarm sounds. Generate a PDF report to share with the fire marshall.

Keep track of staff hours

The new Calendar View allows users to check their personal sign-in history. With this feature enabled, it also keeps track of the sign-in hours each week per user. It’s ideal for documenting remote and flexible workers.

Pre-register guests with ease

Complete the pre-registration process quickly right from your smartphone. A complete list of upcoming visits is automatically generated. Access the visitor’s registration information and use it to send professional invitation emails.

We’re here to help: Configure, install and service

We’ll support the setup of your visitor management portal to suit your specific requirements. We install the hardware, provide training for staff using the platform and ensure your system remains fully operational. If an issue does develop, we’re just a phone call away.

You’re pre-approved for financing*

As a preferred meter customer, we can set up a visitor management system for you right away. You’re already pre-approved for financing.* Plus, with over 100 years of serving businesses, you know we’ll be there when you need us.

App Companion is a free download

It’s included in your subscription and you can add as many users as you like. Download the iOS version at the Apple App Store and the Android version at the Google Play Store.

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*Providing your account is in good health. Pitney Bowes reserve the right to review or change financing options on an individual account basis.