Adding questionnaires to your sign-in process at reception.

Create custom sign-in questions for guests and staff.

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Easily create different types of sign-in questionnaires for first-time guests, employees and contractors.

Avoid the time-consuming, tedious task of asking a list of questions upon sign-in, plus eliminate the interaction. Our sign-in solution provides eight different types of custom fields. Tailor your question list to different groups. Use the Yes/No questions to quickly collect important health information. Visitors can even use their smartphone to complete the questionnaire. The data is then stored in your visitors’ records, along with any other required documentation, such as health and safety policies as well as work permits.

Tailor questions for each group

At sign-in, you may wish to gather different information from different groups, such as first-time visitors versus full-time employees. Just select your visitor group when setting up the custom fields. By collecting only the information you need, you can accelerate the sign-in process and comply with data protection legislation.

Improve health and safety

Our visitor management system replaces the sign-in paper process. This makes it simple for visitors to complete health questionnaires. Plus, it makes it easy for you to keep your records organized and up to date. Depending on the visitor type you select, you can ask the same questions during each sign-in or retain their answers across multiple visits.

Notify team members

Set up your visitor management system to immediately notify specified personnel when certain answers are submitted. This enables you to quickly act on the information captured at the sign-in process and minimize the potential health risks to others.

Ensure staff and visitor safety in emergencies

Whether it’s a fire drill or a real-life emergency, our visitor management system can verify everyone has left the building. What’s more, it can immediately generate an accurate evacuation list of the occupants on your smartphone to share with the fire marshall.

We’re here to help: Configure, install and service

We’ll support the setup of your visitor management portal to suit your specific requirements. We install the hardware, provide training for staff using the platform and ensure your system remains fully operational. If an issue does develop, we’re just a phone call away.

You’re pre-approved for financing*

As a preferred meter customer, we can set up a visitor management system for you right away. You’re already pre-approved for financing.* Plus, with over 100 years of serving businesses, you know we’ll be there when you need us.

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