Track and Trace reporting for your business.

Collecting details efficiently, and storing them securely on a GDPR compliant system.

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It’s no easy task to manage the flow of people through your business and ensure preventative measures are in place. When considering a GDPR compliant contact tracing system, choose a partner you can trust: Pitney Bowes. We’ve teamed with Sign in App® to provide the tools that help you safely handle the movement of visitors and employees around your business – from verifying visitor entry to delivering guidelines for health, safety, wellness and compliance.

Automate the questionnaire process

Create a customized list of questions that can be tailored for first-time visitors, regular guests (such as contractors), as well as staff employees. Common questions include “Do you have a high temperature or persistent cough?” By automating this process, you minimize human contact, have a record of the answers and can free up staff time.

Notification workflow alert

The current situation places considerable pressure on many organisations with guidelines such as social distancing. A visitor management system can help alleviate additional pressure from workloads and procedures. Use it to trigger notifications based on answers to questions. For example, if someone answers negatively to a question, you can set up a workflow that alerts the relevant person. This timely notice can help maintain social distancing and reduce bottlenecks in the workplace.

Easily communicate messages and policies

Provide your guests with information about their safety. In turn, ensure your guests agree to your site’s terms and policies. Set up different outgoing messages for different visitor groups. Use the system to update your staff on current practices. Communicate key messages with images, PDF’s and videos. Use the intelligent programming feature to decide how often a person needs to view this content, such as every time they sign in or periodically.

Know who’s working and where with mobile sign-in

Employees can easily sign in or out using their smartphone, which can help maintain social distancing. The integrated geofencing capability detects whether employees are on site and automatically checks them in or out. This enables you to manage your staff more efficiently, while providing employees more flexibility.

Contactless delivery notification

Avoiding close contact is here to stay. Enable your couriers to easily notify a recipient that their package has arrived. In turn, the recipient can ping the delivery person back to say they’re on their way to sign for it. This makes the exchange quick, seamless and minimizes contact.

We’re here to help: Configure, install and service

We’ll support the setup of your visitor management portal to suit your specific requirements. We install the hardware, provide training for staff using the platform and ensure your system remains fully operational. If an issue does develop, we’re just a phone call away.

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As a preferred meter customer, we can set up a visitor management system for you right away. You’re already pre-approved for financing.* Plus, with over 100 years of serving businesses, you know we’ll be there when you need us.

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