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Managing complex business mail processes is now simple, fast and easy. Just click – we’ll do the rest Greater efficiency, digitisation and agility has never been more important for businesses as we move into the next normal. Companies face four key challenges in transforming complex business mail processes.
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation of mail processes is accelerating rapidly.

Automate key mailing processes, transform legacy systems and be more customer focused.

of businesses fast-tracked at least some digital transformation programs in 2020¹
are investing in on-demand digital services²
of senior business leaders say digitalization is a company priority³
Enabling value generation

Enabling value generation

New technology is helping drive wider business value and agility.

Drive greater automation, improve customer experiences and enable remote teams.

of businesses say they have shifted to more cloud-based business activities⁴
of businesses have accelerated process automation⁵
of organizations globally will adopt robotic process automation by 2022⁶
Ensuring operational excellence

Ensuring operational excellence

Transforming mail processes is supporting greater operational excellence.

Eliminate bottlenecks, scale quickly with off-premises production and increase productivity.

Customers are 6x
more likely to try a new product at digitally transformed businesses¹⁰
Remote working is expected to increase by 20%
across all sectors¹¹
of businesses say that 2020 has shown the value of agile, scalable IT¹²
Guaranteeing regulatory compliance

Guaranteeing regulatory compliance

Regulations such as GDPR mean compliance is complex. Businesses need digital tools to help manage.

Absolute document accuracy and integrity with true end-to-end encryption and compliant delivery.

Speak to us at Pitney Bowes today about how we can transform complex business mail processes to help you overcome your biggest challenges.

Just click. We’ll do the rest.

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