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Using Connect+ technology to prepare its mail volume accurately saved one local government authority £25,000 a year.

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Making changes in mail operations easy

Upgrade to a Connect+ franking machine.

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Case study: BNP Paribas

How a mailroom redesign and new Connect+ technology led to increased productivity.

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Get the best value for your business with Connect+


Switch to a reliable, long-term solution that will give you a positive return on your investment for years to come. With Connect+, you’ll get more out of your mail campaigns than ever before. If you want to reduce postage costs while maximising the impact and efficiency of your mail preparation, start exploring your options today. Discover a mail solution that makes financial sense for your business.

Better benefits with Connect+


Reducing costs and getting more for your money is just the start. As well as benefitting from the power of colour printing to boost response and increase open rates, you’ll also have access to INVIEW™ Analytics.

INVIEW™ helps you lower expenses by:


  • combining mail runs to create volume discount opportunities;
  • automatically calculating postage to make sure you get the lowest rate;
  • helping you plan time and resources by accurately projecting mail supply needs.

The future of direct mail is here


Make the switch to Connect+ and we’ll even give you a market-beating trade-in on your old machine.

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to Connect+ customers.


It’s an added bonus, given the customer service and the machine’s ability, but we also save around £1200 a year." - Watts Group PLC

Users around the world have experienced the difference Connect+ technology can make for their business. Read their stories to discover how switching to Connect+ could help you optimise your mail processes too. It’s not just post, it’s new possibilities.